Dr. Michael Har-Noy’s AlloStimTM Has Significant Advantages Over CAR-T Therapy

25 May

Dr. Michael Har-Noy, founder and CEO of Immunovative Therapies, Ltd., an Israeli biotechnology company, has developed a unique drug called AlloStimTM. This drug creates an immune tumor-killing response similar to that of a bone marrow transplant but without the deadly graft-vs-host side effect. AlloStimTM has key advantages over CAR-T (chimeric antigen receptor T-cell) therapy, which is being developed by companies such as Kite Pharma, Juno Therapeutics, and Novartis. First, says Dr. Michael Har-Noy, AlloStimTM can be mass produced and is not individualized to each patient’s tumor. CAR-T treatment, however, must be made using each patient’s own unique tumor cells, and is therefore not scaleable.

Dr. Michael Har-Noy notes that preliminary studies of AlloStimTM show that it works against most solid tumors, whereas CAR-T therapy seems to have limited efficacy against such lesions. Furthermore, CAR-T therapy can cause serious side effects, the worst of which is a cytokine release syndrome similar to septic shock. AlloStimTM, says Dr. Michael Har-Noy, causes no serious complications. The most common side effect of AlloStimTM is a flu-like syndrome which lasts a short period.

Dr. Michael Har-Noy is preparing to test AlloStimTM in a pivotal Phase III randomized trial involving patients with refractory metastatic colon cancer.   Enrolled patients will be KRAS gene positive and will have exhausted all treatment options. For KRAS gene positive metastatic colon cancer patients, there is no real third-line treatment option. Dr. Michael Har-Noy says that if the preliminary trial results are positive, AlloStimTM may qualify for fast track FDA approval. Once approved for colon cancer, AlloStimTM can be tested in a variety of other indications.

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